Winning With Microgaming

Though Microgaming is already one of the world's leading online gambling software providers, the company's 'gamble' option that appears after a win raises the stakes even more. By allowing players the option of winning, even more, the company betters its reputation and provides unlimited excitement.

What is the Gamble Option?

When a player hits a jackpot while playing Video poker or online slots machines, they are sometimes provided with the option to gamble their winnings. They put the money up for stakes and play a mini-game or another hand that has the potential to either multiply those winnings exponentially or cause the player to lose everything. While the odds of winning with this option are small, the potential benefits are huge and this can result in major winnings.

Gamble with Video Poker

When a player wins a hand in any one of Microgaming's video poker games, they may be provided with the option to 'collect' or 'double' their money. Players who are interested in playing it safe will often select the 'collect' button and simply walk away with their winnings. Those who are feeling extremely lucky, however, may choose to click the 'double' button and play for a chance to double their current winnings, that's Casino Strategy.

How to Play

When a player opts to attempt to double their winnings with Microgaming video poker, the player will be provided with five cards--one is dealt face-up and the rest are dealt face-down. Next, the player is asked to choose a single card from the four face-down cards. If the selected card is higher in rank than the face-up card, the player doubles his money and walks away a winner. If the player is lower in rank, the player loses their winnings. If the cards are of the same rank, the player is provided with another chance to double their money.

Players who are interested in upping the ante with Microgaming Casino Games will find all of the statistics and probabilities of winning within the game itself. Though the house edge always favors the casino, players can certainly enjoy themselves with the potential of walking away thousands of dollars richer.