Betting Craps Strategy

Many seasoned gamblers consider craps the ultimate in gambling games. There are so many different elements to the game on, which makes it imperative for players to develop a sound and tested craps strategy. Luckily for most, there are many tried and true tips that can form the basis for any player's personal strategy.

The Easiest Bets

Before they begin developing a more complex craps strategy, most novice players begin by placing some of the easiest bets on Microgaming and becoming familiar with how they play out. A Pass Line bet is probably the most straightforward of these as the results are either a win or a loss. Either the player wins or loses immediately, or the player continues to wait for the point number to come up again before the player rolls a seven.

Complicating the Wager

Once players are familiar enough with the basics of the game, they may grow tired of the simple Pass Line bet. They may want to try their hand at a more complicated craps strategy. This is the time for players to begin experimenting with the many different bets available to them. There are Casino Bonuses players may find that they enjoy the Field Bet, which only loses if a 5, 6, 7, or 8 is rolled. Others may enjoy the varied payouts of the Place bet. By experimenting with the possible bets, players can have fun with the game and find a strategy that works best for them.

Over time players can begin to build their own sound Craps Strategy, but only practice and patience can help a player be a truly perform well at this most complicated of Winnings Casino games.