Enjoy Gambling in Vegas

When it comes to gambling in a bricks-and-mortar casino, most people think of the sights and sounds associated with Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States International Online Casinos. However, local laws allow people to smoke within these institutions, and this can certainly pose a problem.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

If a smoker's habit is making a gambler uncomfortable in Casino, perhaps the best way to get some relief is to simply ask the smoker to butt out. This should be done politely, however, as the smoker is within their legal rights to puff to their heart's content. Many smokers are willing to stop smoking or at least cut down when they are in the presence of an individual who is intolerant.

The Not-so-Nice Approach

If politely asking a smoker to refrain from causing cancer is not enough to make them put out their stogey, it may be worth a gambler's while to try giving them the evil eye until they succumb. After all, it must be at least as annoying as having smoke blown in their faces all night. Though some people will take the hint and nix the cigarettes while in the player's presence, this is simple Player's Strategy but, others will simply laugh and continue on.

Become an Oscar Winner

The final option players can try to reduce the amount of smokers in their presence is to turn on their acting skills and hope for the best. This may involve a player grabbing their chest and hacking dramatically, all the while whining and moaning because of the pain. To add fuel to the fire, players should continue to hold their chest every now and then to get the point across.

In Gambling History, Dealing with smokers in a public place--especially one in which smoking is legal--can certainly present a challenge. If none of the above tactics get the job done, online casinos are available anywhere, including environments that are smoke-free.